Do you want to use product data from your suppliers for your webshop or catalog? Select, enrich and import this desired product information quickly and easily with Key2Publish.


The Key2Publish application helps organizations with a large assortment with the automated collection, enrichment, import, export and publishing of product information content from and to web shops, catalogs and price lists.

Unlike spreadsheet programs, for example, Key2Publish has been developed specifically for this purpose.

Not satisfied with the product information in your webshop? Outdated or somehow not as you wish? Key2Publish helps thanks to a growing number of solutions! Your input is also appreciated.

Key2Publish is a program for importing, exporting and enriching webshop products.

Try Key2Publish?

The existing import plugins are usually worked directly in the database of the webshop and Excel is used to make data still to be imported suitable for import. While with Key2Publish people first work on a PC with data from the webshop, where only when they are satisfied with the adjustments, they also export them to that webshop. Or possibly to another shop. 

In addition to import and export, Key2Publish contains a growing number of functions for enriching and adjusting the product data. For the latter, Excel is currently mainly used. However, Key2Publish has been specially developed for this task. Including the following options:

  • import and export of selected products, with attributes
  • and multiple images per product.
  • bulk delete or disable products
  • see which products have been removed from a supplier feed
  • see which products have been removed from a supplier feed
  • price updates by synchronizing with external source
  • migrate product data between webshops
  • many other features……


More insight and overview

The Clear tree structure, many useful functions to create a subset give you a much better overview and insight into the data.

Import plugin play data

Key2Publish has its own file format with K2Z. This makes importing data feeds very fast and easy.

Out of the box

Key2Publish Pro is a standard program specifically developed for collecting, importing and exporting product data.

New and deleted products

Does your supplier only provide a feed with its current range? With Key2Publish you can quickly see which products are new or which have been removed.

Bulk import and delete

With Key2Publish, specifically selected products and categories can be imported, exported and deleted.

Customized solutions

Do you want more than the standard Key2Publish offers you? Are you looking for a link between your system? We build efficient custom solutions for you.