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Why use Key2Publish?

Collect, manage & enrich product data

High quality data is essential for a successful webshop or catalog. Key2Publish helps you collect, manage and enrich your product data for publication. It’s fast, easy and flexible.

Minimize manual input

Key2Publish allows you to import data from external files, webshops, online and offline databases, with little or no effort.

Better data overview

Your desired dataset can be selected quickly and easily, due to the clear data overview and the mouseover image function.

Easy & fast exporting to webshops and catalogues

Your data can be exported to a growing number of platforms. Effortlessly.

Content transfer solutions

Key2Publish has a large and growing number of data transfer and migration solutions.

File to webshop, webshop to webshop, webshop to file, pdf or InDesign.

Magento Solution

Easy transfer to Magento from file, site or database.

WooCommerce Solution

Easy transfer to WooCommerce from file, site or database.

PrestaShop Solution

Easy transfer to PrestaShop from file, site or database.

How does it Work?

This video explains what Key2Publish can do for you.

Connect with suppliers or resellers

Save time and money

Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team



Try Key2Publish for free

A solution for your organization, but also for your suppliers and resellers.

Gets your data ready for publication

Your product data has to meet quality standards before it is ready for use across sales channels. Key2Publish simplifies the way you get your data ready for publication.

Database Publishing and web import/export

Through the built-in database publishing functionality in Key2Publish, your product data is easily placed in all kinds of webshops. It also it automates the publication of product feeds, product sheets, catalogs and price lists.

Collect and create plug-and-play with K2Z data file.

Sharing data with K2Z reduces manual intervention. Avoiding time-consuming manual input, and problems that occur when using Excel. A solution not only for your organization, but also for your suppliers and resellers.

Publish to Catalog

Key2Publish has a large and growing number of adjustable standard design templates for InDesign or PDF.

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