Content transfer solutions

Key2Publish a database publishing and PIM system.

Key2Publish a database publishing and PIM system.
Key2Publish helps organizations improve the way they create, collect, manage, enrich product data and publish that content to web, print and mobile devices. With Key2Publish data can be added through manual entry or by importing data from files and databases, like CSV files, webshops and ERP systems. But the most efficient and less time consuming is to get the suppliers to do it. With K2Z, Key2Publish offers a plug and play file format. Special made for storing and exchanging data.

Gets the data ready for publication.
Before feeding the data into the product presentations, data has to be good enough to be used across sales channels. Key2Publish offers many ways to simplify the way how to get the data ready for publication.

Database Publishing and web ex-import.
Through the in-build database publishing functionality in Key2Publish, the data is easily placed in all kinds of webshopssystems and also it automates the publication of producfeeds, catalogs, productsheets and price lists.
Collect and create plug and play with K2Z data file.
Sharing data with K2Z productfeeds limits manual intervention. Avoiding time-consuming manual input and problems that occur when using Excel. A solution for your organization, but also for your suppliers and resellers.

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