Free WooCommerce import and export products, variants and images.

Fast and easy bulk import and export products, with variations and images for WooCommerce. In addition to import, export and update products, variants and multiple images, Key2Publish offers many extras. Such as bulk removal of selected products and categories. Or functions with which you can see which products have been removed or which are new in the range of your suppliers.

Tool for importing,  exporting and enriching  product, variants, images data for WooCommerce webshops.

Do you want to use product data from your suppliers for your WooCommerce webshop? With Key2Publish you can easily import  the products, categories, variants and multiple images  from, for example data in a CSV file, in your webshop(s).
At webshops and catalogs there is usually a large assortment. Entering the products manually one by one in the webshop takes a lot of time. By bulk importing data that is already somewhere, such as in a csv file or in a supplier’s webshop. Can save you a lot of time.
Another advantage of using Key2Publish is that you can first change that data before import and make a selection from this data set to be imported.

Key2Publish is also a very suitable tool for bulk removal of products from the webshop. This is partly due to the fact that Key2Publish can specifically indicate which products and categories should be removed.

Not satisfied with the product information in your webshop? Outdated, wrong prices or somehow not as you wish? Key2Publish offers a growing number of functions specially developed  to fix this.

  • Adjust the category structure via drag and drop
  • Adjust prices with data from an external source
  • Remove or disable products in bulk selections
  • Determine which products are new in a supplier’s assortment
  • Determine which products have been removed from a supplier’s assortment
  • Import data from the webshop in Key2Publish, modify and replace in the webshop
  • Export data from webshop in CSV file format
  • Webshop data exchange and backup via K2Z file format
Working with Key2Publish goes globally: as follows: 
  • You import data from a csv file, or from a WooCommerce shop,   into Key2Publish. 
  • After import, the data is presented in a clear and adaptable tree structure. If necessary,  you modify or enrich the data with functions specially developed for this purpose. 
  • Finally you select the desired products and categories and place them in your WooCommerce shop at the touch of a button.

Watch the videos, install Key2Publish and experience how great Key2Publish works for you.

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