Plug and play data import and export

Key2Publish has its own file format with K2Z. With this “plug & play” solution, even large data sets can be read quickly and easily. After reading a K2Z file, the data is displayed in a clear tree structure and you can immediately start adjusting, selecting and exporting that data.

K2Z for suppliers

Making feeds available in the K2Z file format is very suitable for the supplier. This prevents all kinds of questions and complaints from resellers by using different settings of, for example, Excel. The supplier can also make and save selections that may be of interest to the recipient. When he opens that file, it will receive next to the tree structure with products already selected for him.


K2Z files are packed files that are also very suitable for use as backup files per supplier or product group. New and older datasets stored with the correct naming can be compared quickly and conveniently.