EDC product data quickly and easily in your webshop

With Key2Publish you can place the products of the erotic wholesaler EDC in your webshop with the greatest of ease. The corresponding images and any different sizes are also imported in such a way that they are immediately displayed in the correct way. Prices and stock positions are automatically kept up to date via automatic update.  

Products that have disappeared from the EDC range are automatically removed from your webshop. Which prevents unnecessary refunds. 

Purchase and installation: 349,- ex. VAT (one time)

Annual license: 250,- ex. VAT

Suitable for: PrestaShop and WooCommerce.

Key2Publish Boxshot

Setting up a new webshop
You import the EDC into Key2Publish. These are then presented in a clear and adaptable tree structure. You select the categories and products that you want to place in your webshop and import them into your webshop with one push of a button. You can include EDC’s group structure, but you can also design your own group structure.

New products in an existing webshop

When new products are available, you can easily import these products by selecting the right products, placing them in the right group and then exporting them to your webshop.

Automatically update products in webshop

The EDC products that are already in the shop can be updated automatically with the  ‘automatic update module’ . Typically, the product feed is refreshed several times a day on the EDC Wholesale website. This also removes products that are no longer supplied by EDC.

If you don’t have a webshop yet:
Then we can create a WordPress/Commerce webshop for 600 ex. VAT. It comes with Elementor so you can easily add text, images and functionality. WordPress, WooCommerce and Elementor are very well-known applications. The webshop also becomes your property and you do not have to make any payment to us. You can therefore continue to run the webshop completely independently after delivery, possibly with the help of us or with the help of other website developers.  If you want to run the hosting with us, that costs, under a fair use policy, 12.50 euros per month.  

Automatic order processing.

An automatic order processing is available for WooCommerce. Orders via the webshop are then automatically forwarded to EDC. These are automatically processed there and the products are sent to the customer of the webshop. This in neutral packaging with a consignment note in the name of the webshop. The customer of the webshop also receives a track and trace code from the carrier. 

Price: Includes 1 year license/support (250+190).
540.00 euros ex. VAT (250+290).